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Chiavari is a delightful medieval town set in the heart of the Gulf of Tigullio that extends along the Ligurian Sea, on the eastern Riviera

The Hotel is located in the historical centre of Chiavari, between the “Via degli Antiquari”, full of bars and small restaurants, and the beautiful pedestrian shopping street. During your stay you can walk along the promenade or let yourselves be captured by the charming porticoes and their shops.

In this historical setting you’ll find the Cantero Theatre, built in 1930, the Archaeological Museum, the Villa Rocca Park, the famous Cathedral built in 1610 and other important churches.


The unmistakable style and exceptional lightness of the “Campanino” chairs, the fantastic “macramè”, a refined lace product of old but preserved ability, the “farinata”, a savoury chick-peas pancake like, baked in a log oven, are only some of the typical products making Chiavari famous worldwide.

Nearby Places of interest

Portofino: An international star in the holiday travel industry throughout the world. Evocative of the most exclusive rituals by the jet set, a unique environment in the Mediterranean area.


The Cinque Terre: The terraced landscape constructed for cultivation of the vines are supported by dry stonewalls for seven thousands kilometres and balanced between the land and sea, a miracle of architecture. The best way to discover, feel, understand and enjoy the Cinque Terre is on foot. The most famous footpath is the “Via dell’Amore”, that connects Manarola to Riomaggiore, an amazing walk at sea level between rocks rising straight from the sea.


Sestri Levante: the Bay of Silence and the Bay of the Fairy Tales are like two arms stretching out to sea embracing a village suspended over the blue.


Santa Margherita: one of the most elegant sea towns. A masterpiece, product of the plain but sophisticated Ligurian culture.


Camogli: through winding lanes, you’ll reach a picturesque village, built and lived in the past by tough fishermen and their families, like a miniature maritime city.


Santo Stefano d’Aveto: from the blue of the sea to a sea of green: woods and fields, a medieval castle and biting cool air coming from the mountains.